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79 is an ecommerce website that offers wide range of AAA replica watches in Australia. This website offers replica of the products of some of the most popular brands which are not affordable for everyone in original. Main reason of offering these replica products is to allow everyone enjoy the luxury of their original models within his/her budget. Here in this write-up we are discussing counterfeit watches offered by this website.

Patek Philippe is considered as the maker of the most luxurious and esteemed watches of this industry since 1839. They started this company in Geneva as a company to make pocket watches. It has a long history of making innovative watches. It is the first company which has included the minute repeater, chronograph, and the hand for spit-second and a continuous calendar in its wrist watches.

Today is selling replicated Patek Philippe watches, imitation of their original watches, at a very low price so that everyone can enjoy the luxury of their original models within his budget. However while creating these replica watches every precaution is taken to maintain their quality.

Patek Philippe 4910-49G is one of the replicas Patek Philippe watches for female users. This rectangular watch includes Hours and Minutes function and Japan Quartz movement. Its black dial in silver color case is studded with diamonds. It has satin band.

Patek Philippe 3940P is a replica watch for men, which includes Asian Mechanical movement and Calendar, Moon phase and Sapphire Crystal Back as its functions. Its silver color case is made of Swiss 316L steel. Its band made of genuine brown leather to improve its luxurious looks.

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The imitated watches of Patek Philippe offered by are the real imitation of their original models. Though they are declared replica still you cannot ignore the fact that their low price allows everyone to improve his/her personality and looks by wearing them.